[our mission]

After establishing Hollyweed in 2016, we made it our mission to assist a wider audience with our products, so we sold Hollyweed to the artist who changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyweed (New Years Eve 2017) and then we launched Latte Perks Coffee. Latte Perks is here for all of the coffee lovers and for those who just want to feel better. Because it is understood that dis-ease means ‘not at ease’, Latte Perks is infused with hemp seed oil to help provide some ease (it does not prevent or cure any disease). We each owe it to ourselves to feel good and be in a calmer, less stressed state of body and mind so we may share a kinder attitude with those we encounter daily. Latte Perks has a lot of perks as many find it helps to relieve aches and stress. Share our warm coffee and a warm heart.