[our mission]

In the 90’s our founder owned Pub Club USA, America’s Favorite Beer of the Month Club. He was featured on the cover of USA Today and Food Network. Our Coffee Club is expected to become America’s favorite coffee of the month club. 

Our founder previously owned Hollyweed Cannabis but chose to sell it and launch Latte Perks coffee on a mission to help a wider audience feel much better. 

One must be in a calm, less stressed state in order to share a kind attitude with others on a daily basis (which helps to make the world a better place). Our coffee has a lot of perks as many find it calms them and relieves stress.

Our coffee is hemp seed oil infused to help provide some ease given dis-ease means ‘not at ease’ (does not prevent or cure disease). Hemp seed oil also has anti-inflammatory properties help reduce pain (gamma-linoleic acid helps fight inflammation) and low levels of cannabinoids that ease anxiety. 

$1 per sale goes to the National Coalition
for the Homeless. #commUnity #give